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Methods of Improving the Service Life of Automotive Molds

Methods of Improving the Service Life of Automotive Molds

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As an indispensable important process equipment for injection molding enterprises, the quality of automobile mold processing is not only related to the performance of the product, but also has a very direct relationship with the production cost of the enterprise. In order to further improve the use efficiency of automotive molds and reduce the cost of products.

The following will start with the main factors affecting the service life of automotive molds, namely the quality of raw materials, the rationality of mold structure design, the applicability of mold material selection, and the use and maintenance of molds, to discuss with you the methods that can improve the service life.


1. Selection of raw materials for automotive molds

Different types of molds require different temperatures and pressures, different working conditions, and different effects on the service life of automotive molds. Different plastic components also affect mold wear.

Therefore, under the premise of satisfying the performance and product quality, generally plastic raw materials with good process performance should be selected to mold the products, which is not only conducive to the molding of the products but also to the improvement of the life of the automobile mold.


2. Mold structure design of automotive mold

Cavities and cores are the main molding parts of molded plastic parts. Different structural forms of cavities and cores have different strengths and stiffnesses, as well as the ease of repair and replacement of vulnerable parts.

Therefore, from the perspective of the service life of the automobile mold, the use of a structure with good strength and rigidity and easy trimming can prolong the life of the automobile mold.

When designing the mold structure, attention should also be paid to maintaining the thermal balance of the automobile mold. Through the reasonable design of the gating system, the temperature adjustment system, and the exhaust system, the purpose of reducing the tendency of mold thermal cracking and improving the life of the mold is achieved.


3. Automotive mold materials and heat treatment

The injection mold cavity is generally more complex, and the precision and surface roughness requirements are relatively high. The selection of automobile mold materials will affect the quality and service life.

The selection of mold materials must not only meet the customer’s requirements for product quality, but also consider the cost of the material and the strength within the set period. The selection must meet the requirements of specific working conditions such as wear resistance, toughness, high temperature resistance, thermal fatigue and corrosion resistance.


4. Use and maintenance of automotive molds

Whether the use and maintenance of the automobile mold is correct is also a major factor affecting the service life of the mold. The mold installation and debugging method is appropriate, the parameters of the injection molding machine in the production of the mold are in line with the design requirements, and the mold is regularly maintained. These measures can improve the service life of automotive molds to a certain extent.

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