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Matters Needing Attention in the Design and Processing of Automotive Moulds

Matters Needing Attention in the Design and Processing of Automotive Molds

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The quality of automotive moulds has a great impetus to the development trend of the automobile industry, and it is the automotive moulds that determine the quality of auto parts, so it is necessary to improve the quality of automotive moulds more efficiently.

Therefore, the design scheme of automobile injection mold is the basis for improving the quality of the mold. The following is a brief introduction to the things that need to be paid attention to when designing and processing automotive moulds.


1. The design scheme of plastic products for automotive moulds is the key

The design of plastic products is a key stage in the design of automotive moulds. For the design of plastic products, it is necessary to simplify the model of plastic products as much as possible.

For example, in the thickness design scheme of automotive moulds, try to make the thickness of the mold as uniform as possible to prevent the occurrence of unsuitable and uneven glue positions.


2. The basic requirements of a forming automotive mould for parts

The compressive strength and strength of automotive molds should meet certain specifications, otherwise they cannot withstand friction, which will endanger the construction quality. After the automotive molds are formed, the surface layer should be glossy, which can be completed by grinding and polishing.


3. Select the fractal line and parting surface of the automotive mold

The definition of the fractal line can be determined according to the appearance of the part. The function of the fractal line is to divide the product into two parts, and the junction line is the same.

To obtain the parting surface of the automotive mold, the fractal line can be used, and the parting surface of the mold can be determined by using the fractal line scanner around the mold at multiple places.

There is one thing to pay attention to on the parting surface of the automotive mold, that is, to ensure that each same slope has a sealing distance, and also to ensure the effectiveness of the distance, so that the plastic melt will not be lost in the whole process of injection.

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