Insert Molding Is Widely Used in Manufacturing Electronic Products

Insert Molding Is Widely Used in Manufacturing Electronic Products

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Insert molding is a kind of integrated molding method, in which the pre prepared special-shaped material insert is put into the mold, and the resin is injected after the mold is closed, so that the molten resin and the insert are connected and become solid, so as to make the special-shaped material. 

The insert molding applications are as follows:

1. Digital battery box products

The base of the battery box is made of plastic, but four L-shaped metal inserts should be implanted in the front part of the battery box to achieve conductive contact and other functions. The four L-shaped metal inserts in the battery box can be called golden fingers, whose main function is to make the circuit conduct after contacting with the power spring.

The structure of the four gold fingers in the cell slot is the same, and the relative position accuracy in the plastic matrix should be ensured after forming. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the insert structure on the premise of meeting the assembly and use functions, so as to facilitate the placement and positioning of the insert in the mold cavity, and facilitate the stamping forming of the insert.

2. Molding analysis of “golden finger” insert

In order to be molded in the product, the golden finger insert must meet the three basic elements in the mosaic injection molding

(1) The gold finger should be positioned reliably during the overmolding insert molding, otherwise the insert will be offset due to the injection pressure.

(2) The auxiliary pressing action must be taken when positioning the finger to avoid the burr caused by the finger’s failure to fit the surface of the mold cavity.

(3) To ensure the convenience of manual operation and the efficiency of mass production.

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