For Custom Injection Molding Service, Choose Zhongde!

For Custom Injection Molding Service, Choose Zhongde!

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1. The custom injection molding service process has many forms

Injection molding is the most cost-effective method for mass production of plastic parts. The process involves injecting molten plastic into a mold and then ejecting the solidified part.

This process is quickly repeated hundreds or thousands of times, reducing the cost of each unit to a few dollars or less. Since every part of the custom injection molding service uses the same mold, the process provides consistent quality on every part.

Compared with CNC machining or even 3D printing, the custom injection molding service process also has more materials, colors, polishes and surface textures for injection molding.


2. Choose Zhongde for custom injection molding service

As we all know, custom injection molding service can continuously produce thousands of parts or products for OEMs, aftermarket suppliers, packaging companies and consumer goods manufacturers. Injection molding has the ability to produce products of various sizes, complexity and composition. Applications for this highly repeatable and reliable process range from commercial to home appliances, medical and other markets.

As one of the best injection molding companies, Zhongde provides high-quality, low-cost injection molded parts and custom plastic injection molding service to global customers. Our affordable mold fees (starting at $500) can help you reduce your design risk. Our goal is to provide a long-term solution that goes beyond rapid prototyping, where senior project managers and engineering experts can communicate in all project stages from design to production.

Zhongde Injection Molding is a high level custom injection molding service that can provide on-demand prototypes and production molding. We take a customer first approach, which means we are molding parts the way you want.

We provide quotations and expert consultations for every customer who needs custom injection molding service. Our team has extensive experience in various industries. If necessary, please consult.

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