Design Principles of Auto Mold Injection Molding

Design Principles of Auto Mold Injection Molding

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Ⅰ. Different automotive molds plastic parts

Auto mold injection mainly includes a female mold with a variable cavity composed of a female mold composite substrate, a female mold component and a female mold composite card; punch with variable core composed of a male mold composite substrate, a male mold component, a male composite card, cavity cut-off assembly and a side-cut combined board. The coordinated change of the convex and concave molds of the auto mold and the auxiliary molding system can process series of auto mold plastic parts of different shapes and sizes.


Ⅱ. The principles of automotive molds injection design

1. Be clear

The structural principle of the auto mold is clear, the function of the parts is clear, and there is no omission or repetition. The design of each part requires specification and optimization (the design basis should be unified, the nominal size requires an integer, and it cannot be designed arbitrarily).

2. Simple

The injection molding design of automotive molds should be simple and reliable in structure, easy to process and assemble, and the advantage of simplicity is to directly reduce the cost. For example, the geometry of the parts should be simple, minimize the machining surface and processing times of the parts, reduce or simplify the assembly relationship and adjustment measures with the related parts (the related parts must not interfere).

3. Stable and reliable

The injection China overmolding design of the auto mold must have sufficient strength and rigidity, and the continuous operation of the mold will not cause problems, which is convenient for mold repair and maintenance. The product ejection and demoulding mechanism are stable and reliable.

4. The product has high molding efficiency and good quality

If the cooling rate is high, the molding cycle is short, and the pressure of the pouring system is balanced, the runner and gate of designed mold is easily removed after the plastic part is formed.

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