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Do You Know What the Manufacturing Process of Automotive Molds Is?

Do You Know What the Manufacturing Process of Automotive Molds Is?

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The auto mold making is a very interesting thing, because almost everything we come into contact with in our daily life will have a car mold made before it is officially produced, and car mold making is also a very interesting part, so I will briefly introduce it today. Let’s take a look at the manufacturing process of automotive molds!


1. Obtain product information for automotive molds

Before the formal production of automotive molds, it is necessary to obtain very detailed product information, including the specific size of the product and the specific style of the product, and provide a sample to the manufacturer to facilitate them to understand the specific parameters of the product. After obtaining the product data, The mold that everyone wants can be produced better and more accurately.


2. Design drawings of automotive molds

The manufacture of automotive molds seems relatively simple, but in fact, it is necessary to have design drawings, because it is necessary to make suitable molds according to the characteristics of the products, and to draw the design drawings of automotive molds in advance, mainly in order to be able to produce more in line with our needs. Molds, and molds can be produced faster with design drawings, reducing material loss.


3. Preparation materials for automotive molds

The material to be prepared for the automotive mold is not particularly large, but it is necessary to accurately calculate the required amount to avoid excessive machining allowance and avoid waste.

In addition, it is also necessary to calculate the required time, shorten the processing time between each program as much as possible, and speed up the production of the entire automotive mold.


4. Automotive mold processing

Automotive molding can be divided into mold base processing, mold core processing, and mold zero block processing. The focus here is mainly on model processing and mold parts processing.


5. Inspection of automotive molds

After a mold is produced, it needs to be tested to ensure that it meets the needs of customers and its quality. After ensuring that the quality meets production standards, it is necessary to communicate with customers to determine the specific production time and production quantity, and then carry out large-scale production. Large-scale production, so as to avoid problems with the quality of automotive molds.

In the automotive mold manufacturing process, the structural design and process analysis of the mold are actually more concerned, and companies that have mastered these processes will be more well-known in the industry.