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Design Principle of Auto Mold Straight Top Block, Thimble, Insert Needle and Drum

May 17-2021     Views: 744

Ⅰ. The design principle of the straight top block of the automotive mould

1. The mating length of the auto mold straight-up link and the guide sleeve must be greater than 2/3 of the length of the link in the B plate;

2. It is better to use cup-head screws to connect the straight top block of the automotive mould and the link rod, which is convenient for processing; secondly, use pins; thirdly, it can be in the form of press blocks;

3. The edge of the screw hole on the top block is at least 5mm away from the sealing position;

4. The hole between the connecting rod and the B plate is 0.5mm away from one side;

5. Positioning should be considered for the head and tail of the automotive mould link rod; the bottom plate should be made with craft holes for easy disassembly and assembly.

6. The link can be directly fixed on the bottom needle plate;

7. The side of the straight top block of the automotive mould needs to be inclined by 3 or 5 degrees to avoid friction with the mold core during ejection;

8. The distance between the straight top block of the auto mold and the inner side of the customized plastic parts should be 0.2~0.3mm.

Ⅱ. Arrangement principle of thimble, insert and barrel of automotive mould

1. According to the product characteristics: the column depth is less than 5mm for inserting needles, and the pillars greater than 5mm are used for cylinders, but also according to the actual situation;

2. Deeper bones need to be made of inserts for venting to avoid dissatisfaction in filling the air trapped bones during injection;

3. A nozzle needle should be placed directly under the main runner, and an inverted buckle feature should be used to pull the runner out of the runner after the mold is opened;

4. According to the principle of product balance ejection, the thimble should be arranged reasonably, and the diameter of the thimble of the automotive mould should be as large as possible.

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