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Design of Water Carrying Hole and Supporting Head of Automotive Mold

May 10-2021     Views: 615

Ⅰ. The design of the water carrying hole of the automotive mould

1. After arranging the thimble, insert pin, inclined top, and nozzle of the automobile mold, the water-carrying hole must be arranged to avoid interference with these components;

2. Choose the diameter of the water-carrying hole according to the size of the automotive mould, and control the distance between the good luck water-holes and the distance from the water-carrying hole to the glue position;

3. It is best to make the water-carrying holes vertical, and it is difficult to process oblique holes and spatial angle holes;

4. As far as possible, the water transportation holes of automotive mould should be connected in series inside the mould, not outside the mould;

5. It is best to stagger the horizontal direction of the water conveying holes in the front and rear molds to facilitate the cooling effect.

Ⅱ. Auto mold supporting head design

1. The auto mold supporting head should not be placed too close to the square iron. It should be placed below the product and near the main plastic inlet. The deformation force of the back mold is mainly the injection pressure of the injection molding machine;

2. The distance between the auto mold supporting head and the thimble should be more than 5mm, and the distance between the support head and the support head should be about 80-120mm;

3. The diameter of the auto mold supporting head is 2mm smaller than the unprocessed round bar material; it can be designed as: ¢33, ¢38, ¢43, ¢48, ¢53, ¢58, ¢63, ¢68, ¢73, ...

4. The auto mold supporting head is designed to be as large as possible, but it is not necessary to design a lot, avoid hollowing out the thimble plate, so as to avoid insufficient strength of the thimble plate.

5. The layout of the supporting head should be about 25%-30% of the projected area of the thimble plate.

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