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Analysis of Key Points of Injection Plastic Mold Manufacturing

May 20-2022     Views: 222

1. High corrosion resistance for plastic mold manufacturing

Many plastic materials and additives on the market have a corrosive effect on the steel material, which will cause the steel material to dissolve and fall off, which will directly affect the quality of the plastic injection parts. Thus, it is necessary to use corrosion-resistant steel in the manufacture of injection molds, or to process the surface of the cavity with chrome plating and cymbal nickel treatment.

2. Wear resistance of molds made by plastic is good

The gloss and precision of the surface of plastic parts are directly related to the wear resistance of the surface of the plastic mold cavity, especially when glass fibers, inorganic fillers and some pigments are added to some plastics, they flow together with the plastic melt. The rapid movement in the mold cavity of the injection molding plastic mold will rub the surface of the plastic mold cavity. If the steel material used does not have wear resistance, it will soon wear out and cause damage to the plastic injection molding parts.

3. Excellent dimensional stability for plastic mold manufacturing

When the injection plastic mold is formed, the temperature of the injection plastic mold cavity needs to reach a certain high temperature. Therefore, the steel material needs to be tempered during the plastic mold manufacturing. Otherwise, it is easy to cause material deformation.

4. The steel material used in the manufacture of injection plastic molds should be easy to process

The parts of plastic molds are mostly made of metal materials, and some of the structures and shapes are more complicated. In order to shorten the production cycle and improve production efficiency, it is very important that the selected plastic mold materials are easy to process.

5. The steel material selected for the manufacture of injection plastic molds needs to have good polishing performance

Plastic injection parts generally require excellent gloss and surface, so the surface of the cavity is required to be very smooth. Therefore, it is necessary to perform surface processing on the surface of the cavity, such as polishing and grinding. Therefore, the selected steel should be as smooth and clean as possible.

6. The steel material selected for the manufacture of injection plastic molds needs to be less affected by heat treatment

In order to improve the hardness and wear resistance of injection plastic molds, molds for plastic are generally subjected to heat treatment, but this treatment should have little change on its size. Therefore, it is necessary to select pre-hardened steel that can be machined.

According to the above points of injection plastic mold manufacturing, special attention should be paid to these during the plastic mold manufacturing process. For more relevant knowledge, you can follow our company. As one of the best injection molding manufacturers in China, our company provides high-quality, low-cost plastic and rubber injection molding parts to global customers. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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